The Indiana State Department of Health will be conducting Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program (CHIRP) User Group Meetings in 2017. These meetings are an opportunity to users to meet with the CHIRP administrative staff, hear programmatic updates, learn about new tools and resources and address concerns relating to the registry. The Indiana State Department of Health will be incorporating many of the recommendations from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report in 2011 and these meetings will be a great way for providers using the registry to learn how the registry can assist them with documentation.

By the end of each meeting, the attendees will be able to: 1) understand the system requirements needed to operate CHIRP; 2) identify common mistakes users make; 3) generate a Doses Administered Report; 4) generate a Vaccine Inventory Report and 5) generate a Reminder Recall List. Participants will also have the opportunity to submit concerns in advance and have them answered during the meeting.

For VFC providers, we will also be providing info on the Vaccine Ordering Module System (VOMS) and how this will help you better maintain your inventory in CHIRP, save time and reduce duplicate data entry.

Registration for these events can be done by completing this online registration form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the help desk at (888) 227-4439.

     Friday, February 24th, 2017
     IU Health White Memorial Hospital
     Hibner Conference Room
     720 S 6th St
     Monticello, IN 47960

     Click here to view a map.
     CHIRP User Group Meeting 9:30 am - 11:30 am
     CHIRP Training 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

     Session times for this UGM are local times.

     All Providers are invited to attend this event.

Click here to view the entire 2017 UGM calendar.

Internet Browsers

We recommend that you use, in order of preference, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and other browsers are not currently supported due to their lack of features needed by CHIRP.

Other browsers may be used however they may not function with CHIRP properly.

Deleting Java Temporary Files

We've created a quick guide to assist you in deleting Java temporary files from your computer.

View here.

Disable Secure Content Alert

We've created a quick guide to assist you in dispalying all content. This will prevent the dispaly that informs you that there may be insecure data on CHIRP.

View here.


CHIRP may act odd at times. The CHIRP helpdesk will have you delete your Java and browser temporary file cache.

Recommend System Settings

CHIRP Recommend System Settings The Indiana State Immunization Registry (CHIRP) is a web based application that can run on virtually any computer that has an internet connection and web browser. For optimum CHIRP performance we recommend the following settings;

Windows Compatible PC or Laptop using a Pentium III or better processor.
Internet connection speed of 768kps download, this speed will handle up to 6 work stations
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or better
     o IE 9 needs to set IN.GOV in compatibility mode
Add CHIRP as a trusted site to IE,, access should include;
     o Enable Active X Scripting
     o Disable Website Phishing
     o Disable Pop-Up Blocker
Add as a trusted site to Virus Scanning Software, if installed
Add as an allowed connection to Firewall Monitoring Software, if installed
Average Ping of 90ms, four packets should be sent and received with zero request time outs
1024 x 768 Resolution, or better
Normal Size 96 DPI Display Setting
Printer using PCL type print driver only needed for printing Vaccine Cards

CHIRP will work on a wired or wireless network. If a wireless network is being used, it is recommended that it is a Wireless G or N connection. With a Wireless G connection, no more than 4 work stations should be connected per router. The Internet Download Speed of 768kps per 6 machines should also be considered when using a wireless connection.


CHIRP Cleaner - Portable (Right Click the link and choose "Save target as...".)
CHIRP Cleaner - Installer
CHIRP Cleaner is a simple program that will delete your Internet Explorer temporary files.

REQUIRES .NET Framework 4!

.NET Framework 4 Download