Vaccination Summary

The Vaccination Summary option groups vaccinations by vaccine family and is used to view the vaccination series or single antigens of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella completion.  An example of a series is DTaP/DTP/DT/Td. 

Note:                  All vaccines will display on the Vaccination Summary.  This includes all childhood vaccines and travel vaccines.

If a patient receives the single antigen vaccines, they will appear in various places, such as the Universal Certificate and the Vaccination Summary, Vaccination View/Add screen print, Patient Record Summary and Patient Record.

It can also be used as a printable report for a patient’s vaccinations. 

Note:                  As a state configurable option, the Forecast section can also display on this window.  Refer to the previous section for an explanation regarding Forecast information.  Additionally, Vaccine Deferrals and Contraindications could display on this window and are state configurable.

Viewing the Vaccination Summary

To view a patient’s vaccination summary, perform the following:

1.            From the PATIENT menu, point and click SEARCH (/ADD) and perform a Patient Search.  Assuming a match was located, the “Search Results” appear.

2.            Point and click the SELECT ARROW to select the desired patient whose vaccinations you want to view.  The “Patient Demographics” window appears.

3.            Click the VACCINATION SUMMARY menu option.  The patient’s “Vaccination Summary” window appears (The “Vaccination Forecast” appears as well but is not shown in the illustration). 

Note:                  Patient’s age at the time of immunization has been added to display within the Dose Date field within the same vaccine family.

Figure 12‑24:  Vaccination Summary

Note:                  A “state configurable” option is available that allows the “Invalid Vaccination Reason(s)” to display on the Vaccination Detail and Vaccination Summary windows.