Absentee Report

This report will display the number of absences within a specified date range.

Users with School Nurse Coordinator access level will be able to run this report for all schools as well as by county.  Report output would list each school separately and then summarize with a total.  If the report is run by county, the report output would be the same as with current output for an individual school, except the totals would be based on all schools within the specified county instead.

Note:                          This report must be enabled by an administrator using the “Administration – Properties – School Nurse menu.”

1.                  After clicking the ABSENTEE report, the report’s parameter options window appears.

Figure 3‑19:  WY - Absentee Report Filter Options

2.                  Select a SCHOOL by clicking the “Click to Select” hyperlink or accept the default of ALL SCHOOLS.

3.                  View/select a COUNTY by clicking the drop-down menu arrow.  The radio button will automatically select after a county is chosen.

4.                  Type the ABSENTEE DATE range by typing the FROM and TO dates.

5.                  Click the CREATE REPORT button.  The report will display in a separate Browser window; or click the BACK button to return to the previous window.

Figure 3‑20:  Absentee Report

Figure 3‑21:  School Nurse Coordinator Absentee Report

6.                  Either CLOSE the browser window or use your browser’s PRINT option to send the report to the printer.